Green Tara

Groene Tara Giver of Prosperity
“The cosmic mother is always prepared to save you of the eight great fears, she is the great protectress against all inequity and evil.”

Size: 43 x 53cm

White Tara

Tears of Mercy
‘Whether the pain is physical or emotional, White Tara will listen and offer succour to all those who bear their misfortunes with dignity’

Size: 46 x 49cm

Radiant Tara

Radiant Tara is made from pure energy, pure light. It is a part of her miraculous nature that she appears, that she speaks – even if it is straight to your soul – and she makes her presence felt.

Size: 46 x 49cm

Hindu goddess Saraswati

Hindoe godin Saraswati“River of mercy”
Unusually this image is painted using the tempera technique on a lime wood panel. There are Buddhist temples to this goddess, such as the one in Ubud on the island of Bali. Usually the images are painted on fine linen, and sometimes on paper.

Size: 28 x 35 cm