The Archangel Michaël

This is the most “icon-painterly” work of Ushakov, but not without certain features of eclecticism (figure and background). It shows a certain loss of creative imagination characteristic of court artists while the technique of execution remains highly refined. Whom the small figure on the left represents is not known.

The icon is from the Tolmachevskaya-Sosnovskaya collection.

Size 28x 35 cm

Mother of God Hodegetria

126-64-1The hodegetria (“She who guides the way”) is a common picturing of the virgin in the Byzantine and Russian art. According to the legend, the first Maria Hodegetria was painted by the evangelist Lucas. During the first years of the 11th century, icons with this theme appear in Russia.

Size: 28 x 35 cm.

Mother of God of Georgia

Moeder Gods van Georgië. 16e eeuw Rusland.Christ is seating on the left arm of his mother, who points to him with her right hand. Christ makes a blessing gesture with his right hand and keeps a script with a red ribbon in his left. The aureola is richly decorated, which is a typical Novgorodschool characteristic.

Size: 28 x 35 cm.

Saint George and the dragon

St. Joris met de draak.  16e eeuw.With deadly accuracy Saint George, astride his horse, strikes the hideous dragon with his spear. The event unfolds in a barren landscape, dominated by craggy rock formations, the occasional tree and a pool of water.
In the top right corner, a godly hand extends to bless the triumphant saint. To the left, three holy men, complete with nimbus and crosses, look on.
The legend of the late third-century George of Cappadocia, as George was officially known, was especially popular in Russia during the Middle Ages.
The courage he showed led him to be named ‘The Conqueror’.

Size 28 x 35 cm

The Ascension

Christus HemelvaartThis icon is from the Novgorod school. It comes from the Malov-Kirillov Monastery and is currently in the Novgorod Art Museum. Christ is surrounded by angels who accompany him to heaven; below stand his mother Mary and two angels in white robes. At Mary’s side stand the apostles, six on her left and six on her right.
Size: 30 x 39 cm

Mother of God of Vladimir with crown

Moeder Gods van Vladimir met kroonThis Mother of God differs from that of the Vladimirskaya in its beautifully detailed crown with all kinds of embellishments.
The names are depicted within light-blue medallions. The robes of the Mother of God and those of Christ are highlighted in gold assist. The light background of this icon gives it an unusual appearance.

Size 28 x 35 cm

Noli me Tangere

Noli me TangereMary Magdalene recognizes Jesus in the garden after his resurrection and says in Hebrew: ‘Rabbouni’ (Master). Jesus replies: ‘Touch me not, for I am not yet ascended to my Father.’
This icon also depicts other images, such as Golgotha, the empty tomb, the women bearing myrrh and the Hagia Sophia.

Size 28 x 35 cm

The Baptism of Christ

18-IMG_0635Christ, clothed only in a loincloth, stands in the River Jordan as John baptizes him. Above Christ are the rays of the Holy Ghost. In the river at Christ’s feet, still clearly visible as an ancient relic, is the river god Jordan. To the left of Christ stand four angels bearing his clothes in their hands. To the right an axe hangs in a tree, illustrating Matthew Chapter 3 verse 10: ‘Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees; every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.’

Size: 28 x 35 cm.

Saint Paraskeva

7.045a-St.-ParaskevaThis Saint is commemorated in Orthodox countries on 28 October. She is the patron of housewives, merchants, thieves and lawyers, because Fridays are market days for women, when stealing is most prevalent and summary justice has to be handed down to the thieves. Since she fought for the purity of the faith, she can be depicted with a white hood or veil, which can be seen here. She was beheaded for her faith in the year 140.

Size: 24 x 28 cm.


5.040a-Triniteit-OTThe table at which Abraham seats his guests is depicted as a diagonal from bottom right to top left. The angel in the top left-hand corner sits in order of rank in a raised position and is identified as Jesus Christ by the nimbus with the letters O, W, N (I Am that I Am) and Christ’s name IC XC. Abraham offers him the head of the sacrificial lamb on an open platter, Sarah kneels and presents him with a golden cask. Abraham’s tent is depicted more as a palace or a temple.

Size: 27 x 35 cm.