The Archangel Michaël

This is the most “icon-painterly” work of Ushakov, but not without certain features of eclecticism (figure and background). It shows a certain loss of creative imagination characteristic of court artists while the technique of execution remains highly refined. Whom the small figure on the left represents is not known.

The icon is from the Tolmachevskaya-Sosnovskaya collection.

Size 28x 35 cm

Mother of God Hodegetria

126-64-1The hodegetria (“She who guides the way”) is a common picturing of the virgin in the Byzantine and Russian art. According to the legend, the first Maria Hodegetria was painted by the evangelist Lucas. During the first years of the 11th century, icons with this theme appear in Russia.

Size: 28 x 35 cm.

Archangel Michael

icoon078_vThis icon comes from the Novgorod school and differs from the traditional type that is usually depicted with a frontal aspect. He is referred to several times in the book of Daniel (Chapters 10 verse 21 and 12 verse 1). The name is derived from the Hebrew word jakal which means ‘to overcome’or ‘to be the strongest’.

Size: 27 x 35 cm

The Birth of Christ

Geboorte van ChristusThe Christ-child lies in a manger in a cave with the ox and ass behind. Mary lies on a red carpet among the rocks and plants. Three Kings and shepherds are depicted as is the washing of the Christ-child. Joseph is being addressed by a shepherd. Saint Eudoxia, John Lestwitschnik and St Juliana are depicted above. The middle figure is better known as John Climacus.The icon is from the Novgorod school.

Size: 27 x 39 cm

The Virgin Vladimirskaya

The Virgin VladimirskayaThis icon, painted in Constantinople for the ruler Isyaslav of Kiev, arrived in Kiev in 1132. From there it was taken away by his son Bogolyubski to his residence in Vladimir, from which the icon Vladimirskaya takes its name. In 1315 the Eleousa icon finally arrived in Moscow, where it consoled and heartened soldiers during several wars, and became known as the The Mother of Russian Soil.

Size 28 x 35 cm (11.0 x 13.8 inches)