St. Nicholas with Scenes from his life

St. Nicholas with Scenes from his lifeIn the middle St. Nicholas is depicted in all his finery. His right hand makes a gesture of blessing and his left hand holds the book of the Gospels. On the left panel the young St. Nicholas heals the arm of a woman. Underneath his baptism is depicted and he is already preaching a sermon. At the top of the right panel the young St. Nicholas is taught by his uncle. Underneath he is preventing the execution of three citizens of Mira.

Size 48 x 39 cm (18.9 x 15.4 inches)

The Circumcision of Christ

The Circumcision of ChristThe Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates the circumcision of Christ on the 1st of January. Icons with this theme are quite rare, and the origin of this one is St. Petersburg. In the Bible, only the evangelist Luke describes this event. Luke 2:21

Size: 31 x 40 cm (12.2 x 15.8 inches)