Mother of God with child

This icon usually goes by the name “Madonna della Consolatione”. Mother of god of consolation and is probably originating from the Byzantine Hodegetria Type (since the child is seated on his mothers right arm). It could also originate from the Kretenian-Venetian school.
This type is widespread in East and West.

Size 28x 35 cm

Mother God of the Sign

This icon belongs to one of the earliest depictions of Mary, the explanation is in Isaiah 7, verse 7-14. “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”
Next to Mary’s halo are two cherubim. The primordial icon originated in Constantinopel, after the Christianization, this became the most important one in Novgorod.

Size: 28 x 35 cm

Our Lady of Kykkos

moedergodsvankykkosThis icon is supposed to have been painted by Saint Luke. It was probably created in the early 11th century. The Emperor Alexius I Commenus presented it as a gift in 1082 to the Kykkos monastery on Cyprus. The Christ Child sits on his mother’s right arm, his legs dangling. She holds her Son’s left arm with her left hand. The Christ Child holds an opened scroll in his left hand.

Size: 28 x 35 cm

Virgo Orans of Jaroslavl

virgooransvanjaroslavlThe Mother of God Panhagia in this icon is one of the earliest pictures of Mary. The icon shows Mary in Orans pose (praying, with raised hands). In front of Mary, Jesus also has his hands outstretched. This ancient icon originates from Constantinople, from the then district of Blachernitissa. To the left and right at the top of the icon are the angels Michael and Gabriel respectively.

Size: 24 x 41cm

Saint Sergius

stsergiusSergius was a Roman soldier, who became a martyr in the 4th century in Resafa, Syria. This icon depicts him as a 13th century knight going on a crusade. This cult of knightly saints was very popular in the crusaders states. The woman kneeling and kissing his feet asks for inference of the holy spirit in favor of her husband or son, who is fighting in the Holy Land.

Size: 28x 35cm

Saint Nicholas

stnicolaasSaint Nicholas the miracle-worker from the Palech school. Saint Nicholas is depicted in all his finery. With his right hand he makes a gesture of blessing, and in his left hand he holds the Book of the Gospels. He is the patron saint of seamen, but also of the family and children.

Grootte 26 x 30 cm

Mother of God Hodegetria

126-64-1The hodegetria (“She who guides the way”) is a common picturing of the virgin in the Byzantine and Russian art. According to the legend, the first Maria Hodegetria was painted by the evangelist Lucas. During the first years of the 11th century, icons with this theme appear in Russia.

Size: 28 x 35 cm.